Stella’s incredible transformation. How was that possible?

Stella had a very difficult start. She was thrown into the landfill and she used the trash bags as a basket. Fortunately, the Good Samaritans came to her rescue and allowed her to become a magnificent, well-fed and pampered dog.

Stella was cowardly abandoned when she was still a puppy. She survived in the junkyard for almost a year, eating food scraps and using garbage bags as mattresses.

Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, which specializes in dog rescues in the New York and New England states of the United States, came to his rescue after the message.

The poor little girl suffered from severe scabies, was infested with worms, and contracted hookworms (due to parasites). In addition, she was very thin. «She weighed only 4 kilograms.» .

Therefore, Stella was given emergency medical care aimed at getting rid of the itch and destroying the parasites as quickly as possible. She was also often fed small meals to help her gain weight without damaging her fragile digestive system.

Heather Addresson Martin and her husband wanted a furry ball to expand their family. “A colleague told me about Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, so my husband and I contacted them. We instantly fell in love with Stella,” said the woman who wanted to give her a sweet and peaceful life.

Once Stella’s condition was under control, she was able to move into her new home. The young dog completed his recovery with caring and loving owners. And she grew day by day.

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