Someone’s warm paws hugged a lonely kitten. At that moment, the baby decided that it was her mother. How cute, tap and watch a video!

A tiny kitten was born with twisted paws. The little orphan was very homesick in solitude, until one day she was taken in for overexposure.
A kind woman named Shannon Basner found out about the baby just recently. Realizing that a baby with special needs needs extra attention, the founder of Alaska’s KAATs shelter decided to take the kitten to her place.

At first, Shannon took the baby to the vet to find out what condition she was in. Doctors pleased the woman: despite the unusual appearance and congenital defect of the paws, the baby feels great! It is just a sea of energy, inner strength and some kind of elusive charm.

Soon the baby got used to life in the house and began to grow by leaps and bounds. The purr turned out to have an appetite, like an adult cat, and she will never refuse an extra portion of food.

And soon the cat was introduced to a dog that has been living in the woman’s house for a long time. Cinder, as the name of the pet, decided that she would become a mother for a little orphan. Therefore, she began to hug her and warm her with her body.

Feeling the embrace, the kitty herself thought that in front of her was her own mother. She was delighted and began to purr with happiness. In the warm paws of Cinder, she felt comfortable and calm.

Cinder also feels happy next to the kitten. Perhaps she is glad that she can realize her maternal instinct, or maybe the heart of this dog is so big that she is ready to love at least the whole world!

Let the baby be happy in this house and never part with her loving “mother! Cinder!

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