Some friendships described as unusual may make you smile. In Sri Lanka, a couple unexpectedly received a package with a wild boar…

Dora Wei and Nuvan Hemachandra will never forget September 2020. And for good reason: they found a trembling female boar in a box in front of their house. By whom ? Nobody knows…” I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to do. We didn’t know whether to leave it or not. But she was helpless and crying, said Dora, it was a life or death situation. If we hadn’t left her, she probably would have died. »

The couple contacted a close friend of the conservationists. According to him, no zoo or rescue center would provide a home for the frail creature, which the rescuers named Yezhu. Therefore, Dora and her companion launched an unusual search on the Internet: “How to raise a wild boar? »

Dora and Nuvan joined forces to keep the boar alive. “We took turns sleeping with her in the living room, because she woke up every 2 hours and cried to eat,” the young woman admitted, “it was not easy to care for a newborn. We didn’t sleep much. »

The first weeks after arrival were decisive for the survival of the animal. Thanks to their efforts, the animal held on. Along with being spoiled and properly fed by healers, Yezhu has met her soul mate: Biu Biu. Three-year-old female Labrador Retriever forms a unique bond with a new friend

According to the owners, the dog taught him to eat, walk and play. In short, she took on the role of a parent. “Although now she weighs almost twice her weight, she still thinks that Biu Biu is her mother,” said her benefactor, “all animals are welcome in our house. »

At the moment, the boar is a healthy and full member of the family, wandering around the house and asking to be stroked. For Dora and Nuwan, the unexpected appearance of Yezhu in their lives was an invaluable gift.

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