Since They Met, The Kitten And The Older Cat Have Become Best Friends.

Since they met, the kitten and older kin, found alone and in poor condition, have become inseparable. The elder took the other under his wing, instinctively taking on the role of benevolent and caring parent.

In Canada, a family encountered a kitten meowing on their property. Hungry and scared, the little kitten was alone; neither his mother nor the rest of the litter was around.

The local association Chatons Orphelins Montréal was immediately informed. This way, the little feline could be taken care of and then given to a foster family.

The kitten, who was named Lux, was afraid of people and was very thin. On artificial feeding and pampering, he gradually gained strength and weight. He absolutely could not stand loneliness and began to cry whenever he needed company and tenderness.

In a few weeks he was large enough and healthy enough to be presented to his relatives. One of them, named Oscar, seemed to understand that he needed help and affection.

This cat, who was 2 years old at the time, was also recently rescued by Chatons Orphelins Montréal. “Oscar was found in an abandoned building. For some time he wandered around the neighborhood in search of food and shelter. We believe he lived there with his family before he was abandoned there,” explains Celine Krom, member of the association, Love Meow.

She adds that Oscar loves people and cares a lot about kittens. So it was only natural that he turned to Luxx.

When they met, the two felines got the impression that they had known each other for ages. Together with Oscar, Lux learned a lot, such as climbing a cat tree. You will never see them without each other.

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