Short and sickly 10-day-old orphan kitten shows incredible will to live. Tap the link and look through kitten’s incredible transformation.

Very badly, on arrival at the shelter, the cat, a few days old, was able to get back on its feet thanks to the founder of the association and then to her foster family. The strength of the kitten’s character is also no stranger to his incredible transformation.
The female kitten was found alone, without a mother, before being taken to the Los Angeles-based Baby Kitten Rescue. The little cat was only 10 days old and it would have been impossible to survive without her parents.

It was Caroline Grace, the founder of the association who claimed responsibility for it. Her protégé, named Carnation, was covered in fleas, dehydrated, suffering from an infection, and had a large crust in his armpit. In addition, according to Love Meow, a stomach problem caused him terrible pain.
Carnation was prescribed antibiotics and other treatments. After a few hours, her condition improved and she began to eat well. Despite her tiny stature, she showed great determination.

Then the kitten was entrusted to Anya, a voluntary foster mother and an employee of a veterinary clinic. She began to take her to her place of work in order to continue to look after her constantly.

As Carnation grew and gained strength, she revealed her charming personality. “Ana continued to bottle feed her until Clov discovered dry food and decided she liked it,” says Caroline Grace. She grew up to be a brave, curious and affectionate kitten.”

At 10 weeks old, the young cat was ready to move on to the next step: adoption. The Baby Kitten Rescue team quickly «found the perfect home for her,» declares the association’s founder. When her new mother first met her, it was true and immediate love. They have an instant connection.»

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