Shelter doors out of order after power outage: firefighters intervene to rescue hungry kittens!

Volunteers from the Phibsborough Cat Rescue Association, based in Phibsborough, near Dublin in Ireland, were stranded by a general power outage in the area.

They couldn’t enter the building. Therefore, they were blocked. “The staff could not access the shelter as the only entrance was through a motor-operated roller shutter,” said David Connolly, a spokesman for the Dublin Cable Rescue Team (DFB).

Even worse, there were only kittens inside. And their ferocious appetite completely emptied the bowls prepared for the night.
Therefore, it was necessary at all costs to find a way to enter in order to provide them with care and attention.

Therefore, the organization’s volunteers contacted the DFB after many unsuccessful attempts to contact a local engineer.

“We came and talked to the owners. It turned out that access to these rooms was possible only through roller shutters or a large steel fire door, which can only be opened from the inside. The task had to be difficult,” explained David Connolly.

Rescuers then armed themselves with a drone to conduct a 360-degree reconnaissance of the building. Then they found a cramped skylight.

So the firemen got up and started sawing through the safety bars before one of them, Peter Conroy, put on a safety harness to climb down.

“When the cats saw a little commotion with my arrival from above, I could guess their amazement. Everyone looked up, wondering what was going on. They seemed to say to themselves: we usually climb, ”the good Samaritan, an animal lover, joked.

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