«She was cold and screaming when she came to us.» Tap the link and watch video!

Maternal instinct seems to have no limits for this beautiful blue-eyed cat. When her foster family gave her a newborn kitten, abandoned by her own mother, she didn’t hesitate for a second to spread her paws wide.
Becca and Nathan , adoptive parents from Nashville Cat Rescue in Tennessee , USA , adopted a pregnant cat named Fern earlier this year . After 2 weeks she gave birth to 3 adorable healthy kittens. The couple immediately felt that the young lady had a huge heart and love in abundance.

When the association contacted them again to let them know that her mother had just abandoned a kitten that was barely 2 hours old, Becca and Nathan thought an adoption was possible. “The kitten was cold and was crying when she arrived,” the couple said.
Becca then delicately placed a baby named Pip in the middle of the rest of the litter. Fern sniffed her curiously, but let her relax. It didn’t take long for the ginger tabby to warm up and find a way to suckle. At the same time, Fern took up the careful toilet of the newcomer. “Overnight, she gained 19 grams and gained a lot of strength for such a tiny body,” Becca added.

Thus, the four kittens grew up in harmony with their mother. Pip does not seem to differentiate between her and her brothers 10 days older, having ventured into the same studies. “Peep loves his older brothers and is growing up fast trying to keep up with them. Soon she opened her eyes, learned to walk and began to eat solid food. She doesn’t know she’s different, Nathan and Becca assured.

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