She lived in terrible conditions, without food and water… Read the story of Lily, who is destined to be happy!

Do you love stories with happy endings? In St. Louis, USA, a skinny dog living alone in an abandoned house has a life-saving encounter. On that day, her life took a decisive turn.


Today we will tell the story of Lily Monet, a dog who did not have the easiest start in life. In 2021, a resident of the city of Saint-Louis noticed an animal through the window of an unsanitary house. Worried, she contacted Stray Rescue volunteers. Not one, not two, the team rushed to the place to save the dog.
Upon reaching their destination, rescuers discovered a field of ruins. A flood on the first floor and holes in the floor of the first floor: these are the conditions in which the poor man lived.


The starving dog, dubbed Lily Monet by the volunteers, chose a rooftop room for shelter. “There were several steps missing from the stairs leading to the top floor,” Natalie Thomson explained. “Lily reached the top of this house and couldn’t come down. It is possible that the stairs collapsed as she climbed. There are a lot of abandoned houses in St. Louis with stray dogs hiding inside. »

No one knows the past of the dog, whose age at the time of the events was estimated at 2 years. Where is she from ? Why and how did she end up in this sad situation? There are no answers to this day.

One way or another, the volunteers decided to offer this suffering soul a better life. “The rescue took almost an hour,” added Natalie Thomson, “the longest part was finding a way to safely climb the stairs.”

After getting out of this lair of suffering and sitting in the car of the association, Lily Monet realized that she was now in good hands.
Her benefactors spoiled her so well that the fluffy ball gained weight again and allowed her true personality to emerge. The dog was confident and affectionate.

The story of Lily Monet does not end there. Some time after her rescue, she literally caught the eye of a couple who decided to adopt her!

For a year now, the dog has been living in a beautiful house with a large garden. Her owners pamper her daily and shower her with love. Happy and healthy, Lily Monet has long forgotten the meaning of the word «loneliness».

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