Seven Labrador Retriever puppies were abandoned on the side of the road…

A man made a heartbreaking discovery on 13 September 2022 on the A249 in Swale, England.

7 adorable Labrador Retriever puppies were packed in a tiny box lined with wood shavings.

The Good Samaritan then contacted the Swale City Council Stray Dog Service organization, who accepted them immediately.

Babies aged 10-12 weeks were in a deplorable state.

“They are thin, smelly and all suffer from scabies. They also have wood shavings in their feces, which could indicate a poor environment, poor nutrition, or both,” the spokesperson said.

Puppies are supposed to be whirlwinds, full of confidence and energy, but these little ones are so jumpy. Even with the checkout door open, they were all too scared to move,” the representative lamented.

7 brothers and sisters were examined by a veterinarian who prescribed shock therapy aimed at restoring their physical fitness. The Doctor also noticed that their claws were abnormally long for their young age, suggesting that they must have lived their entire lives in this box.

«It’s incredibly cruel. They didn’t ask to be born and didn’t deserve to be thrown out like regular trash,» the shelter said in a statement.

The puppies show courage and gradually come out of their shells thanks to the kindness of the volunteers. They recuperate at an orphanage before being transferred to a foster family. The latter will have a mission to make them forget the difficult beginning of life and socialize them so that they can benefit from a happy future.

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