Separated for a month from her beloved dog, this cancer-stricken girl gets her most long-awaited visit !

Maria Eduarda has gone through a difficult time. Suffering from cancer, she spent several weeks in the hospital. Because he missed his dog Amore terribly, his mom gave him a surprise visit.

Maria Eduarda and Amora are bound by an inextricable bond. But the two best friends felt the bitter taste of separation. A cancer patient, Maria spent almost a month in the hospital without seeing her beloved fur ball.

Knowing about their relationship, his mother came up with the brilliant idea to arrange a surprise visit. The sick woman could not hold back her tears of joy, hugging her furry friend.
“I really missed her, because we are inseparable,” said Maria, “it was a special day. The fact that he was with me reminded me of home and supported me in the hope that everything would be fine, that everything would soon return to normal. That day, Amora gave Maria second wind.

A source of inspiration, comfort and endless love, the dog greatly cheered up Mary. After several weeks in the hospital, the latter was able to return home. “Today I am still on cancer treatment, but I am at home with Amora,” Maria said, “she knows me and takes care of me. She knows when I’m depressed, when I’m sick and when I’m sad. I am treated by her, and she gives me strength.»

According to our colleagues across the Atlantic, Maria is on her way to recovery. A difficult journey, but undertaken with the most wonderful of companions: her beloved pet.

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