Seeing a homeless and sick dog sleeping on a pile of boxes, the tourist immediately decided to help her. Tap the link and watch a video!

In the summer of 2019, the woman traveled to Romania to spend her holidays there. Sensitive to the cause of animals and dog protection in particular, she couldn’t sit back when she saw a dog in trouble.

The latter actually lay on a pile of boxes at the foot of the old house. She seemed to be in a very bad state. The tourist immediately contacted a local association called Dog Howl, according to Animal Channel. In anticipation of their arrival, the vacationer conducted her small survey of the surroundings.

Volunteers arrived at the scene and took the dog, which they named Helen, to their shelter. There she was seen by a veterinarian who calculated that her wandering life lasted about 6 years. The specialist also discovered that she was suffering from anaplasmosis, a serious and even fatal tick-borne disease.

Fortunately, Helen’s subsequent treatment had the desired effect. Her health improved and it was time to give her up for adoption.
Soon after that, they managed to find a family, and the dog found his new home, where since then he lives happily and is surrounded by love.


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