Scribble just wanted to be loved. A homeless puppy chased passers-by in the hope of a better life. What happiness when he saw that his biggest dream came true!

There is one very apt expression: “not all dogs are lucky enough to have a loving home from birth.” A three-month-old puppy named Scribble was one of those souls who struggled in search of love with a capital letter. The poor little dog roamed the streets of Cape Town, South Africa, dragging its wounded paw with a crackle.

One day, the fluffy ball decided to give it a try and started chasing passers-by, hoping to be rescued. According to our colleagues across the Channel, Scribble was picked up by volunteers from Sidewalk Specials after they noticed he was trying to move. A veterinary consultation was necessary due to his anxious condition.

“Scribble was hit so hard that he is now permanently limping,” said a spokesman for the organization, “a few hours after the rescue, he was invited to take part in the Expresso Morning adoption program.”

In just one day, a puppy’s life literally changed! Although Scribble was unable to find his dream home by following strangers down the street, his 5 minutes of fame behind the screen gave him a significant boost. Thanks to this short appearance on television, the dog was adopted.
After this good news, he flew to Johannesburg to meet his new family. It didn’t take long for him to settle into his new home and fit in perfectly.

Despite a rough start in life, Scribble never gave up hope and today is thriving alongside her beloved owners. What a beautiful fate!

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