Scrappy’s paralysis has not prevented him from living a full life. His owner gave him the most beautiful gift!

Scrappy’s life changed in 2016. Jack Russell Terrier, who was 6 years old at the time, was the victim of an accident. While playing in the yard with the family’s other dogs, Toffee of the same breed, and Rocky, a labradoodle, one of his legs suddenly and abnormally bent.

Amy Smith and her partner named John took him straight to the vet. The latter concluded that the animal had suffered a sprain. But there were no improvements at home. Scrappy was a very nervous dog. He did somersaults and got up and got out of bed. He couldn’t jump that night, so I slept on the floor with him” .

Another appointment was made at the clinic. This time the diagnosis was much bleaker…
We were given the option to euthanize Scrappy or leave him — as long as we were willing to take care of the disabled dog,» Amy explained. “We knew we wanted to give him a chance. »

After the operation, the little dog benefited from several sessions of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy daily for 6 weeks. But no changes were observed. “We had to come to terms with the fact that he would remain paralyzed forever,” his owner said.

2 months after the tragic accident, Amy Smith discovered the existence of a specialized company that makes carts for disabled dogs. Was this a new hope for the family?

Scrappy’s mother made the attempt out of love for him. She bought a miniature vehicle and equipped her furry friend with it. The latter quickly adapted his «new» car.

Thanks to this gift, Scrappy finally has the opportunity to move again. “His wheels changed his life,” Amy said enthusiastically. “He goes out every day and flies at the speed of the wind. Sometimes he is so fast that you can’t catch up with him!»

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