After 7 years, having crossed almost 40 countries, the walking duo… Tap the link and watch a video!

Savannah and her man Tom started their incredible journey in 2015. After 7 years, having crossed almost 40 countries, the walking duo found a starting point. The dog is the first of its kind to circumnavigate the globe, and its owner is the 10th person to accomplish the feat.
Savannah is a pioneer. She is the first dog to circumnavigate the world. A challenge she honorably accepted in the company of her chief adventurer.

Originally from Haddon, New Jersey, Tom Turcich decided to embark on this incredible journey in 2015 after a tragic episode. death of an old friend. A few months after he began his very long walk, he adopted Savannah, who has not left him since.

Together man and dog crossed 38 countries on 6 continents. They contemplated breathtaking landscapes, made amazing encounters and discovered very beautiful cultures.

On average, the tandem traveled about thirty kilometers per day. Tom Turcich and Savannah spent most of their nights camping.

At the end of May 2022, 7 years after a big departure, they returned to the city of Haddon, where they were greeted as heroes.
Over 115,000 followers have followed Tom and Savannah on Instagram. A trip about which the adventurer plans to write a memoir.

Tom Turcich became the 10th person to circumnavigate the world. His dog is gradually getting used to a slightly more sedentary lifestyle. Her walks are no longer so long, but she continues to enjoy them and meet beautiful people.

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