Savannah, Adopted From A Shelter, Becomes The Best Friend Of The Two Huskies In The Family.

Savannah cat is the result of crossing a domestic cat and a serval, a wild feline native to Africa. Therefore, he has a rather independent character and displays an energetic demeanor. A strong character that probably explains this amazing friendship between this cat and these two Husky dogs.

Gwenael, a young animal lover living in Morbihan, has adopted a 3-year-old Savannah cat. A poor little girl was greeted by the 30 Million Friends Foundation during a large scale rescue operation. Indeed Niele, as he was nicknamed, was originally part of the breeding in Guerne. The owner fell ill and could no longer support her many animals. So the foundation stepped in to place 8 savannah cats, 2 servals and 12 dogs in a safe place.

Fortunately, the young cat did not stay long at the shelter. “His little wild side immediately attracted me. She is very active, moving everywhere. Sometimes speed is enough,” Gwenael told the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

As soon as Niele arrived at her new home, she felt at home. 2 huskies Gwenael, Nuga (3 years old) and Cookie (5 years old), stunned by the new one at first sight, also did not take long to wait.

His overflowing energy and adventurous nature allowed him to make friends with two dogs from the house. She follows them everywhere. At home, the cat takes its place in the basket in the middle of two giants with cozy fur. Wild games regularly punctuate their day.

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