Roxy, a police rookie dog, causes trouble for drug dealers. Here is the power!

Roxy is a 2-year-old 16kg Belgian Shepherd Malinois who starts a promising career with the Cherbourg Police. His mission? Find drugs and banknotes in the best caches. His salary? His favorite toy. A young recruit is determined to cut down on drug trafficking in the English Channel!

Roxy was abandoned by her first owner. But the Central Office of Public Security (DCSP) adopted her in September 2021. Therefore, she, along with her faithful partner Hervé, participated in the training of 23 dog handlers as a drug fighting dog.

Since June 7, 2022, the duo in life and at work have joined the Cherbourg police station in the English Channel. Thus, Roxy is a full-fledged police officer with the number 6346, who enjoys the same protection as any other law enforcement officer.

Indeed, Roxy is a dog with a strong temperament. She is sweet, loving, and playful, but when she gets down to business, she shows sheer determination and focus.

She actually smells various psychotropic substances, such as cannabis resins and herbs, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines, as well as drug-soaked banknotes.

Once the drugs are discovered, Roxy informs Hervé, his master, by attacking or lying down in front of his prey. “Few things are forbidden to our dogs. They need to be allowed to take the initiative so that they can work almost alone. Roxy is having fun. And in the end comes the reward: his toy,” said Hervé Aktu.

So Roxy and Hervé have a promising career ahead of them and it’s good to see their complicity. “It’s unique, it’s like a treasure hunt. During the training, I learned a lot about the anatomy of the dog, its way of thinking and behavior. We put a lot of emphasis on obedience and research. It’s intense and physical,” the master explained before adding:

“Roxy is much more than just a working tool. She is a colleague in the office. At home, he is a member of the family. I live with her 24 hours a day.

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