Ricochet the dog, a therapy dog taking the final ride on the waves! Tap the link and watch a video!

Ricochet hangs up his surfboard after years of working with people with disabilities. Sick, now she can devote herself to the rest and care she so badly needs.
Having dedicated 13 of the 14 years of his life to others, Ricochet can now retire. This dog is known for practicing «surf therapy» for the benefit of a large number of people with disabilities. We told you about this recently.

The golden retriever last surfed on Saturday, August 13, along with a disfigured ex-serviceman who, thanks in large part to her, is experiencing a rebirth.
José Martinez returned from Afghanistan with one arm and two legs missing after the bombing. A Purple Heart recipient, he is the last person to benefit from the precious escort of Ricochet, a surf dog, in a session staged off the coast of La Jolla, near San Diego, California.

It was Judy Fridono, the owner of this adorable dog, who taught her how to surf and then help disabled children and military veterans by standing next to them on the board.
Ricochet began his career in 2009 with teenage paralysis. He has also taken part in almost 150 fundraising events, raising a total of one million euros for 250 people and charities.

She now needs help due to her age, as well as the severe health issues she is suffering from. Recent veterinary examinations have indeed revealed kidney disease, liver cancer, and spinal arthritis in dogs.

The announcement was made on his Instagram account and moved many netizens who expressed their support and sympathy in the comments.

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