Reunion of Inseparable Friends !

One day, Chance Patterson was driving in a car with his beloved dogs: Carlitos the German Shepherd and Izzy the pit bull. In an instant, they collided with another car and the consequences were terrible …

A man drove past in a truck, who immediately stopped and ran to the scene of the accident.
He pulled Chance out of the driver’s seat and the first thing the guy asked was where his dogs were. As it turned out, Carlitos died instantly, and Izzy was nowhere to be seen.

The ambulance, which arrived within minutes, immediately took the twenty-two-year-old boy to the hospital.
He had broken ribs and a leg. Periodically losing consciousness and then coming to his senses, Chance screamed and asked to find his beloved dogs.

And the staff of the animal rescue center responded to the guy’s requests.

Less than a few days later, Izzy was found. She was scared and afraid to approach anyone, however, they managed to catch her and bring her to Chance!

The young man was so happy that he came to his senses within a week. Seeing his beloved animal, he could not hold back his tears …

He was put in a cast and sent home with Izzy.
“I didn’t have words. I thought I had lost both dogs and didn’t know what to do with grief,” says Chance.
Here is such a touching story about the reunion of inseparable friends… 🙂

Take care of yourself and your pets!

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