Rescued and twice operated homeless cat became a consolation for his relatives in trouble!

Skye is an adorable white kitten with blue eyes, found wandering and injured on the streets of Los Angeles. The Alley Cat Rescue Association, having received a warning, quickly intervened and took care of her.

The young feline suffered a horrific chin injury and an upper respiratory tract infection. He underwent chin surgery and was treated for an infectious disease.
The vets also realized that he was having trouble breathing. They took an X-ray, which revealed a congenital deformity of the chest called pectus excavatum. The only way to fix this was by surgery.

So a new operation was performed while his chin and infection healed. The operation was completed successfully. The next day, his enthusiasm and appetite returned.

They put a plate on her chest and forced her to wear a jacket to protect her. Throughout his recovery, Sky was sweet and loving to his foster mom and everyone he met.

A month after the operation, he finally had his chest plate removed. To celebrate, the kitten immediately climbed to the top of the cat tree, happy to be free.

He befriends other cats in the foster family, including a recently born tabby cat, Bubblegum. He instinctively began to care for the newborns and protect them as if they were his own babies.

He also protected C, a young Siamese cross who had just adopted. This kitten was very thin when she arrived and was in great need of comfort. Raised by a volunteer and pampered by Skye, her condition quickly improved.

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