Rescue home cares for one special breed of dog that is alien to ‘normal life’. Shelter specifically comes to their aid.

Racing greyhounds live like professional pets. Therefore they do not know family life. Once their career is over, they must learn how to be house dogs before being adopted. Shelter specifically comes to their aid.

The Greyhound Rescue Wales Association, located in Ammanford, Wales, specializes in rescuing greyhounds after their activities have ended. This industry has always been controversial due to the inhumane treatment of animals. «Greyhounds often start competing at 18 months and sometimes don’t reach ‘retirement’ age until they are 4 or 5 years old,» Nicola Jones, shelter manager.

These dogs do not know the rules of the home and are often mistakenly perceived as difficult dogs to train. “Some of them don’t know what to do with toys,” Nicola confirmed. Then it is difficult to find a foster home for them so that they end their days surrounded by love and goodwill.

Greyhound Rescue Wales volunteers go out of their way to make sure the dogs feel at home, comfortable and warm while they get used to their new way of life.

Therefore, the rooms are designed like a real home, with a living room, TV, sofa, kitchen, etc., so that they get used to the sounds. In addition, cynologists teach them to walk on a leash, play, and perform all the commands necessary for a family dog (remind, sit, stand still, etc.).

“We have a small number of residents. We do not have an ordinary rescue center, but rather a calm atmosphere. We have a good relationship between volunteers and dogs, which means that a lot of attention is paid to all of them,” Nicola confirmed.

After socialization, the dogs are given up for adoption. Nicola explains that, contrary to popular belief, this breed is not hyperactive. These are dogs built for speed, not endurance. “They are not too dynamic and love to sleep. The few times they’re full of energy, they’d rather eat or play than join you on a 10-kilometer hike,» Nicola said.

Moreover, they are also described as extremely affectionate. Something that will make you want to give them a second chance!

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