Remarkable pet’s rescue, 2 days of torment of the owners… Their dog was in suffer for 2 days and survived thanks to the rescuers. Tap the link and watch a video!

Kelsey Fox and Aden Pfitzner live in Australia with their dog Macy. The latter is the happiness of a couple who consider her their child.

On Sunday 28 August 2022, a thunderstorm struck Mount Gambier. Maisie was then tied to a gas station sign while her owners paid for a full tank of gas.

Then she got scared and ran away into the wild. At first, her owners thought she had been stolen, but that was not the case.

So Kelsey and Aden drove around the neighborhood for hours, yelling her name to get her to come back, but to no avail. They ended up posting a cry for help on social media that was heard by the community.

Kelsey received several messages from people who claimed to have spotted Maisie. Unfortunately, one of them was a scam that deeply hurt the hostess.

“Someone posted a comment with a close-up of a kelpie being taken to the vet. I was about to contact this person, but someone warned me it was a scam,» Kelsey told the News.

After this misfortune, locals said they heard barking coming from the steep slope at Saddle, between Valley Lake and Lamb’s Leg Lake.

Then a rescue team was organized, drones helped to find the unfortunate.

Fortunately, Macy was found. Aden climbed a steep cliff, made his way through thickets of brambles and bushes, and then picked up his beloved dog.


“There was a rope nearby that was fully secured. That’s what they used to climb up there,» Kelsey said, before adding, «She’s safe and sound. No scratches, paws are fine, not wet, body temperature is perfect. She wasn’t even dehydrated.

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