Red-Haired Courier: A Cat Gracefully Walked Down The Street, Carrying Barbecue In A Bag

Perhaps everyone is used to the work of a courier. Today there is nothing special about the fact that a person delivers food and orders to homes and organizations. But everything changes when it comes to a tailed courier who walks on four graceful paws and gracefully carries a bag of food!



Not so long ago, Samorn Purnim, a photographer from Bangkok, noticed a very amusing picture: a ginger cat was walking down the street, carefully moving its paws. He had a transparent bag in his teeth, in which were … skewers! The other bag contained vegetables resembling a sliced ​​cucumber.
Purr walked as if nothing had happened, as if all his life he had been doing only that he worked as a courier. Surprisingly, the fluffy food delivery man didn’t even think to taste the fragrant kebab! Probably, we would not have resisted, and the thin ginger showed an amazing ability to resist temptations!

“The cat looked like a real food delivery man who was carrying an order to his client. This could be a new service! But no, I think he went home to his family and brought food for them. This is a very intelligent animal, if it could be taught such a thing!” Samorn does not hide his admiration.

Unfortunately, the man did not find out where the ginger went, as soon the baby disappeared. The photographer only managed to make a short video with the cat before he disappeared behind a parked car.

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