Read the story of how the rescuers selflessly fought for the life of this dog!

The RSPCA is doing a wonderful job of saving poor animals. This case broke the hearts of the volunteers, but thanks to their dedication, he is now transformed and ready to enter a new home.

In June 2022, an elderly dog ​​in poor condition named Moses was entrusted to RSPCA staff. The unfortunate man was picked up by a Good Samaritan near a house on the outskirts of Derby in the UK.

At that time, the guardians could not determine his race. Indeed, his fur was terribly matted, which caused him severe skin pain.

“The scale of what we were facing became clear when the veterinary team began working on Moses’ coat. He was covered in urine and feces. He smelled really bad,» a spokesperson for the charity said.

It took over 2 hours for veterinarians to completely shave off Moses’ hair. He was given light sedation to minimize the risks associated with his advanced age. Therefore, one had to be delicate, because he suffered terribly from inflammation of the skin.

«A cocktail stick was found in his hair,» a spokesperson said.

Once Moses got rid of the weight of his coat, he became a completely different dog. It turned out to be an adorable Shih Tzu about 9 years old.

He recovered from mild anemia and joined an orphanage.
According to the veterinarian, Moses had to be in a neglected state for several years to be in such a terrible state. RSPCA investigators found that the animal belonged to a seriously ill elderly man.
“It was clear that Moses had been part of the family for a long time, but his owner was struggling with significant health issues and he was starting to feel uneasy. He graciously handed over his dog to us in order to provide him with the best possible care,” said Inspector Pamela Bird.

Today, Moise is making full use of his new physical condition and is looking forward to the arrival of his adoptive parents.

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