Ragnar, an underweight sad rescue cat, has become a true adventurer

Ragnar is a beautiful cat obtained by crossing a mountain lynx and a ragdoll. Now he is 3 years old, he takes full advantage of his mistress. But he has come a long way. His previous life left him scarred both physically and mentally.
Sarah Harrison, 40, lives in Penrith in Cumbria, England. She works as a carer for Eden Animal Rescue, an animal shelter. A year and a half ago, Ragnar gained weight due to severe digestive problems. In addition, the cat was very sad.

“We didn’t have space at the rescue center at the time, so my friend Alex asked if I could leave him at home for the night and I never got him back,” Sarah told The Cumberland and Westmorland Gerald.

The woman and her partner, Peter Wyatt, took care of the feline, which ended up blooming in their new home. “At first he was depressed, but he really enjoyed living in our house. However, he is not like other cats. He has a very unusual behavior, — said Sarah.

This domestic cat has never felt rain or wind. He never even walked on the grass, but his new owners quickly realized that he wanted more than anything to try the great outdoors.

“I noticed that he likes to climb into his cage, so I took him with me on short trips. He loved to walk! so I bought him a leash and a harness,” the owner explained.

Since then, Ragnar has been all about escapes. The cat thus opened up many landscapes, such as Little Mell Fell Park, the shores of Ullswater Lake, Silloth Beach, or Crofton Pond.

Ragnar also rested in a cabin at Carrock Castle.

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