Rademenes The ‘Nurse cat’ Lends A Paw To Veterinarians At Polish Animal Shelter in Bydgoszczy! (Video)

A cat named Radamenes became very seriously ill, and his owner had neither the money nor the time to treat the pet.
The man took the cat to the veterinary clinic to euthanize …

The veterinarians understood that the condition of the animal was really very difficult, so they agreed to euthanasia. Nevertheless, despite the constant pain, the cat remained very friendly and kind.
After observing the animal, the doctors decided to still try to help him. Surprisingly, the treatment and care gave incredible results — the cat was healed!
After that, the veterinarians started looking for a new owner for Radamenes. But the search stopped as soon as the doctors noticed something very unusual.

Every day, dozens of animals undergo major operations in the clinic.
Radamenes began to lie down next to the patients, clinging to them, after which the condition of the patients improved.
From that moment on, the cat became practically a full-time employee of the clinic. He spends all day with his fellows who need help.

Exactly how Radamenes affects sick dogs and cats is unknown, but the results are amazing! Almost all patients recover much faster than usual.
Most likely, the point is care and support, because all living beings need them so much.

Radamenes gets along well not only with cats, but also with any other pets. He is overjoyed to see the animals leave the clinic knowing they are recovering.

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