Puppy survives after being hit by a car. After 2 years, this very affectionate dog was not accepted into the family.

Lisa is a survivor and a fighter. This 2-year-old Siberian Husky/German Shepherd has come a long way, but she is more than ever ready to have her own home. This is reported by the British edition of Express on Sunday, June 5.

Lisa was still a puppy when she was rammed by a car, breaking her front legs. It was Blind Dog Rescue UK, an association that usually only cares about blind dogs that take care of it.

Thanks to the help received and attention from the veterinarians and the shelter team, Lisa fully recovered from the injury, both physically and psychologically. Only the consequences of the accident, the leg is «not quite straight», but well and truly healed and does not interfere with almost normal walking. It is not enough for her to just walk, as now the dog runs, jumps and plays with his foster family all day long.

She is equally friendly and enthusiastic about people. Her volunteer describes her as «extremely affectionate», «loving people, respectful and calm after the first meeting». She adds that Lisa is a fast learner and has an excellent memory.

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