Promised euthanasia due to age and disability. What they can do? This story won’t let you indifferent.

In 2014, a photo of Patsy appeared in an ad on Leboncoin. Although he has always known family life, the older dog was left an orphan after the death of his loved one. Considering it unacceptable due to disability, some relatives of the deceased considered euthanasia. Against this radical decision, one of the girls decided to use the power of the Internet to find her a loving new home.

«Time goes by and death comes» as the saying goes. The Grim Reaper breaks the hearts of not only people, but also their furry friends.

A few years ago, a Little Lion Dog named Patsy experienced a bitter goodbye to her adopted adoptee, who, due to her advanced age, let her go and followed the lady in black. Orphaned at 9 years old, the dog almost knew a great dive in turn.

Because he was old and missing a leg, family members thought it best to put him to sleep. Fortunately, one of the daughters of the deceased wanted to give her a chance to start a new life in another house.

This is how Leboncoin greeted the new ad featuring Patsy. The last hope for this little creature who has endured difficult trials throughout his career… Car accident in early youth, disability, bereavement: Patsy was able to get up and move on.

To the animal’s greatest relief, the message caught the eye of Maxime Boutier’s ex-girlfriend. “She wanted a dog, but I didn’t,” explained the last edition of Woopets, she showed me the ad, and finally we went after him. I burst into tears when I first saw it.»

On that day, Patsy had just met someone who would accompany her to her last breath. Despite his 3 legs and gray hair, he won the heart of a man who was nervous about expanding his family by getting a dog. It was a new start in life.

Patsy also met Ambre and Heden, the two cats in the house that he likes to snuggle up to when it’s bedtime. While the lethal injection hovered over his head like a sword of Damocles, the furry ball now enjoys walks, cuddles and games with his loved ones.

“He is the sweetest and most affectionate dog I know,” our interlocutor admitted, “he is so cute.

Years passed to form a procession of thousands of memories. Today Patsy celebrated her 18th birthday, still with that enthusiasm, that communicative joy of life that fills her being.

What most admires about him is his «daddy»? “His courage and strength of character. In October 2021, I had hepatitis. The vet told me that he was unlikely to survive…” he said. And still! His three-legged companion is still standing. Almost blind and deaf, he is always full of energy. «Little lion dog» is worthy of this name…

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