Pitbull rescued from fire is fostered by the firefighter who saved him! On that day, the dog had just met its new «dad».

Sometimes luck helps luck. During the intervention on the morning of April 12, firefighters in Sacramento (California, USA) found a puppy near the fire. On that day, the dog had just met its new «dad».
On the morning of April 12, firefighters from Sacramento were sent north of the city, under the Interstate 80 bridge. The reason? Fire. The flames licked off a pile of debris, and thick gray smoke danced along the highway.

Having completed their mission, the firefighters made an unexpected rescue. Not far from the fire, a young pit bull cross wandered. Fortunately, no injuries or health problems due to smoke or heat were found.

The rescued one was handed over to animal control officers and then taken to the Front Street Animal Shelter, a local shelter. Volunteers set themselves the task of finding him an ideal family.
However, the puppy has already attracted the attention of someone special. Mike Thawley, one of the firefighters present when it was discovered, literally fell in love with this adorable ball of fur. On April 27, the generous man officially announced his desire to adopt the one whom Loki named.

«He’s going to have an older sister named Chunk,» he said. A few years earlier, Mike had adopted a female pit bull who was tied to a tree and abandoned.
Finally, if the fire had not broken out, perhaps Loki would still lead a wandering lifestyle … In one night, the young dog received a house, «parents» and an older sister! What else ?

«The Pit Bull is a misunderstood breed,» Mike Thawley said, «but it’s definitely one of the best dog breeds for families and one of the most loving.»

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