Pitbull Merrill and Chihuahua Taco are inseparable. The dog flatly refuses to be adopted without his best friend

Merrill the pit bull and Taco the chihuahua are inseparable.
They lived together before they arrived at the Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco, and intend to continue to do so until the end.
In the California foster structure, they were first offered for adoption separately. It was hoped that this would increase their chances of finding a family. Merrill charmed the man. He got to know her and then welcomed the 3-year-old dog home for a trial run, but the latter went very badly, reports the Mirror.

The pit bull spent time in isolation in his corner and cried. She missed Taco terribly. Therefore, the experiment was interrupted, the former future adoptive parent realized that two fangs could not do without each other. He also failed to adopt them together.

Reunited at the orphanage, Merrill and Taco find peace once again. “These two love each other more than any bonded duo the orphanage has ever seen. They cry when they are without each other,” explained the representative of the association.

The Rocket Dog Rescue team shared their story on Facebook and it touched a lot of people.
In the end, the organization broke the news everyone was hoping for: «They found their eternal home together.»

A few weeks later, Merrill and Taco were reported by their new owners, reporting that they were doing «great things» and that they «liked spending time around the fire and cuddling up after a long, busy day.»

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