Philibert is far from the cliché of a simple domestic cat. The Siberian turns out to be an excellent adventurer… Tap the link and watch a video.

Philibert gazed at the sky so intently that his eyes took on a bluish tint. A captivating look in which you want to drown. His splendor is also revealed through a long and silky dress.

There is no denying this cat lights up everything in its path. But where did this cat-like Apollo come from?

To meet him, head to Burgundy, a region famous for its wine estates. . Kevin opened the doors of his home and his heart to him in October 2019.
Having survived the death of his previous furry friend, the Burgundian made the decision to expand his little family. Having become interested in Maine Coon, he finally fell in love with a Siberian.

After returning home, the young man stood in front of his computer and collected as much information as possible about this breed. During his research, he discovered an enticing advertisement. “There was a little 5-month-old Siberian who was looking for a home,” Kevin explained, “after the recall, the breeder was looking for a place for Philibert (who was called Pimuss at the time). The next day I went to him… and left with him!»
“We decided to call it Philibert, because there is a thousand-year-old abbey that bears this name, and at that time we lived just opposite,” our interlocutor shared, “it was not far from my hometown.”

Soon the man and the cat established a strong bond. Much more than a pet, Philibert turns out to be a true full member of the family. «He’s kind of my baby,» Kevin admitted.
But do not believe that a wolf with long mustaches and velvet paws wanders around the house all day long, like a kind house cat. Philibert has the soul of an adventurer. “Since I was little, I have used it to walk on a leash and wear a harness,” said his loved one, so I always take him with me everywhere. »

By the sea, in the mountains, in the forest, in the snow, under the sun, the Siberian moves with panache under the astonished glances of passers-by. It’s not every day you meet a domestic cat on a hike! And then, with 2 topaz eyes and crazy charm, it’s hard to go unnoticed.

So you get the idea that Philibert has class and brings brilliance to Kevin’s life. In addition, with stars in his eyes, Kevin remembered a vivid memory: “Once we went for a walk in the snow, and I let him go. He followed me and we felt that he had complete confidence in me. It was magical.»

“I have been approached by brands to offer products and advertise,” Kevin added, “he is a cat that is easy to manipulate, he listens to me, looks at me and poses. Philibert, no doubt, the ideal model!

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