Pets That Unexpectedly Made Their Owners Rich!

When people get a four-legged friend, few people think about making money from it. A puppy or kitten gets into the house, which is raised, loved and taken care of. But by chance, some pets quite unexpectedly bring money to their owners!
Their unique appearance or unusual behavior attracts attention, after which fame falls on them, and sudden profits fall on their owners.

We present to your attention 5 pets who managed to «put together» a fortune!

Boo — the cutie

That is the name of an 11-year-old charming Spitz with a cheerful muzzle and a funny look. Unlike his usual furry counterparts, he has a funny haircut, making him look like a plush toy. Boo is a cheerful and playful «boy» who loves to play pranks.

The owners of the pet decided to start a Facebook page so that their friends can also see their pretty dog. But thanks to the reposts, millions of people learned about the baby, and soon representatives of show business became interested in him. The owners of the photogenic dog were offered a contract and shooting in commercials, and Boo instantly became a star.

Maru is a box lover

This Scottish Straight cat lives in Japan. He became an Internet sensation, earning 325 million views for the video with his participation, in connection with which he got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Purr is famous for the fact that he loves a variety of boxes, in which he either falls asleep, or jumps, or just plays. It is called the «King of the Boxes» and the image of the cat is actively used for various types of products. Thanks to the charm, the pet managed to become famous, but the owner — to earn money.

By the way, when the earthquake happened in Japan, the fans were worried about the fate of the tailed star, about which nothing was heard for some time. Soon the owner announced that the pet is alive and well, and then posted a new video with a charming Maru!

Pudsey — the dancing dog

This shaggy «boy» first conquered Britain, and then the whole world. His owner Ashley Butler taught the pet to dance, but she could not imagine that her dog would become a celebrity!

It all started with the fact that Ashley came to the competition «Britain’s Got Talent». Despite the fact that people usually win in such shows, it was Pudsey who became the star of 2012!

And after that, fame fell on the bright head of the dog. He began to participate in various projects, TV shows, videos, commercials and even starred in a film, and in the title role! All this brought income to the four-legged star and the mistress.
Unfortunately, last year Pudsey died of blood cancer. The fluffy little star was 11 years old. Of course, fans were shocked by the death of a smart dog, and Ashley admitted that she was simply heartbroken …

Venus — two-faced beauty

This cat is famous for being the owner of a unique color, which gives the impression that she has two faces!

The unusual appearance is the result of a genetic anomaly, but it was this feature that made Venus a celebrity! Like many four-legged stars, she became famous after the publication on Facebook, millions of people learned about her. Then it came to Instagram, where the cat had its own army of fans.
It’s funny, but at first not everyone believed that the cat really had such a color. Someone thought it was Photoshop, and the hostess posted a video so that no one would have any doubts that Venus looks exactly like that!

Sauce Tardar, or Grumpy Cat

You will be surprised: few people know the real name of this fluffy miracle, but almost everyone has heard of Grumpy Cat (“sullen cat”, “angry cat”)! That is what they call a cat with a disgruntled muzzle, which became famous all over the world thanks to this genetic anomaly.

Glory fell on Tardar Sauce after the hostess posted a video with her, which became “viral”: a huge number of people watched it!

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