Pepper and Yari were best friends. In April, two dogs were forced to say goodbye. Sooner or later everyone reaches the stars…

“Friends are fellow travelers who help us move forward along the path to a happier life,” as Pythagoras aptly noted.

When Yari was adopted by Tona González Karlsson, her first dog, Pepper, had already celebrated his ninth birthday. The bond between the two animals was instant. Their owner witnessed true friendly love at first sight!

Over the years, their bond has grown stronger. Male and female could no longer live without each other! Each day was marked by cuddling sessions, games, and sleep. Sleeping cuddled up together just made them happy. “It seemed like they just loved each other and understood each other,” Tona said.

The duo had many unforgettable adventures; but, as the saying goes, «all good things come to an end.»

As she got older, Pepper started having serious health problems. Her friend seemed to feel her pain and tried to help her.

“ Whenever Pepper was sick or returned from the clinic, Yari knew she needed to be calm with him. She just wanted to comfort him and me, their landlord explained, sometimes Pepper gets sick while I’m sleeping… and Yari wakes me up or looks at him in a way that I know something’s wrong.»

During April, the elderly dog fell victim to several incurable diseases. Tona could no longer ignore her four-legged companion’s suffering. Having lived the sweet years in this loving family, Yari breathed his last: the veterinarian intervened to put him to sleep.

“The day before his death, he completely stopped eating,” recalls Tona, “Yari lay down next to him, clung to him and kissed him. We took him to my parents. Pepper was so sick that I had to carry him.»

When Pepper closed her eyes forever, her best friend curled up in her paws. Tona prepared her grave in the shade of a pear tree in her parents’ garden. When her little body was buried, the dog realized that her dear brother would never return. “She looked into the grave, she must have known that he was there,” the hostess thought, “she lay down next to him, she looked so sad and it seemed that she was hugging the earth. She stayed there for a while. »

After the funeral, Yari felt depressed. To cheer him up, Tona decided to take him to his parents, where his faithful comrade rests in peace. «She was so happy and kept sniffing the ground under the tree.»

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