Peanut, Pit Bull Puppy Found With Head Injury, Shows Incredible Resilience!

An 8-week-old puppy found abandoned with multiple fractures is fighting for his life. The association that took care of her is mobilizing daily to turn her misadventures into bad memories. The courage of a small dog will melt the hearts of volunteers and veterinarians.

Peanut was still an 8-week-old pit bull puppy weighing less than 4 kg when he was found abandoned on Paterson Street, New Jersey, USA. The poor animal had a head injury that ruptured his gums and swollen his face. His jaw was also broken and showed signs of previous attacks. The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and Jersey Pits have worked together to provide him with the best possible care.

The puppy was hospitalized and operated on. It was revealed that he also had a «very infected wound in his mouth that the veterinarians had to clean to the bone,» according to a Facebook post from Ramapo-Bergen Animal Shelter. Peanut remained muzzled and fed with a feeding tube for a long time to harden his jaw. «We can’t imagine how disoriented our brave little Peanut is, but we’re happy that he can finally get the medical help and comfort he so desperately needs,» charity One Green Planet said.

Even today, Peanut struggles to eat on its own. He will be on antibiotics for several months, but the vets say he will recover and be able to live a normal life. While awaiting adoption, Peanut has been placed with a family that takes care of him. “We are so grateful to our incredible rescue community for allowing us to save Peanuts,” the shelter said in a in their statement.

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