«Our plan is to take only those animals that are elderly or have problems and need additional treatment and care.”This is amazing!

Nettie is a 15-year-old pit bull mix who arrived at Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2010.

The owners no longer wanted to keep her, because the dog had health problems associated with aging: urinary incontinence, arthritis … As soon as they saw her, the veterinarians of the shelter realized that Nettie was far from «over»; she, on the contrary, was very glad that she was still alive, and loved to give. She was given treatment, and her condition gradually improved.

Then the Pennsylvania Society for the Humane (SPCA) posted a message on social media, hoping to find him a loving family that would allow him to live happily into old age. “ Nettie is very easy to care for and can live with respectful dogs, cats and children. Could you help us spread the word about this beautiful soul so we can get her out of the shelter and give her a warm and comfortable bed?»

This caught the attention of Amy Kidd, a veterinarian in West Chester, about sixty kilometers away. A month earlier, his family lost Monty, a 12-year-old dog, who died of cancer. She was looking for another older dog to adopt, knowing that she already had 6 dogs at home, aged 12 to 16.

When she arrived, “she knew she was home,” the vet says. The family copes with urinary incontinence and arthritis with medication. The dog has made a name for itself in its new family, so much so that its owner compares it to the «queen bee».

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