Otto the English Bulldog set a world record by riding a skateboard through…

If you love funny dog videos, then you probably know that English Bulldogs are great at skating and jumping on a trampoline. In Peru, they decided not only to shoot a funny video, but also to get into the Guinness Book of Records. A brave dog named Otto was not afraid to drive through a living tunnel built by thirty people. What they just don’t come up with, but the fact remains: bulldogs are incredible!

In Lima, 30 people lined up, one after the other, legs apart, forming a kind of tunnel. Starting a few meters away and taking advantage of a slight descent for an easier start, Otto made a remarkably precise trajectory under a human tunnel, thereby signing a world record.

Its owners Rickards Ugarte and Luciana Viale Paez were very happy to receive the certificate issued by the Guinness team. Luciana Viale Paez, who accompanied Otto to the start, tells us how her dog mastered the art of skateboarding: “It all started as a game. I love taking pictures of Otto with his fans. One day he was riding a skateboard and he was moving very fast towards me. To avoid him, I spread my legs and he went under me. That’s how it all started.»

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