Orphaned cows find home in the paws of a cute and beautiful Samoyed. Tap the link and watch a video!

Many shelters accept cats, dogs and other small companions. But some associations, like Until the Cows Come Home, help farm animals.

Based in Blind Bite, Australia, the organization notably rescues orphaned calves, cares for them and relocates them to suitable homes.
But beginners are usually scared and shy. In addition to supporting volunteers, the frail creatures are literally pampered by Snow, the manager’s dog named Kristen Pierre.

According to her, the 7-year-old Samoyed has always been fascinated by cattle and quickly makes friends with everyone he meets.

A dog with a snow-white coat — hence its name — a real pearl with calves. By sharing games with them and cuddling, the dog helps them come out of their shell.

“Snow accompanies them every step of the way,” his owner explained. “He has always been drawn to sick and weaker calves, and he will always snuggle up to them while they recover and calm down. Snow then starts to play with them and is still very nice because he knows he is a bit taller than them. »

Also, according to the 30-year-old, calves love Samoyeds. Most of them form a special bond with him and never leave him alone. “One of the cows, Teddy, was obsessed with him and followed him around, always wanting to play and do whatever they wanted with him,” added Kristen.

Snow was adopted several times before tying his paws to Kristen for good. “Part of me thinks that since Snow was orphaned and moved from house to house, he sort of understands how calves feel,” said the animal lover.

Considered «a very empathetic character who will hang around with the cows until they feel comfortable,» Snow is a real ray of sunshine on this second chance farm!

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