One became a police officer, the other a fireman. Corporal Oliveira and Caramelo are hero dogs! Read their cute story!

Corporal Oliveira and Caramelo live about twenty kilometers apart, but the stories of these once homeless dogs are very similar. It is reported by the Washington Post.

The first, aged 4, arrived one morning in 2019 at the Ilha do Governador police station, Rio de Janeiro island in Brazil. The wounded and weak animal was cared for by an officer, Corporal Cristiano Oliveira. “I gave him food and water,” says the latter. It took him a while to get used to me.” Since then, they have become inseparable and the policeman even told him his name.

The Instagram account dedicated to Corporal Oliveira has nearly 47,000 followers today. His savior will take care of it.

If he tries to regularly feed him with photos and videos, he does not always have time to do this because of his work. And when publications are late, fans of this dog lose their patience. «He can get over 200 messages a day,» explains the cop who answers them when the four-legged is just «on vacation.»

In another area of Rio de Janeiro, Laranheiras, Caramelu also leads a tumultuous life both in the barracks and on social media. This 11-year-old dog is the protégé and mascot of the local firefighters from the Catete Fire and Rescue Centre.

«Caramelo is a real influencer,» said Major Fabio Contreiras, whom he accompanies during firefighters’ awareness and solidarity campaigns. Caramello uses her fame to raise awareness of cancer, for example, as well as to raise donations for victims of natural disasters and to help rescued dogs and cats find new families.

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