Once opened we couldn’t even see his eyes. He is in safe hands with the vets and they will do everything they can to help him!

Grover still has a long way to go and make sure to get him before he’s completely out of the woods, but this kitty is in good hands and won’t have to roam again.

Emma Church, a volunteer with the Little Tinkers association based in Blackburn, is regularly called upon to help cats in distress. Therefore, when she was informed that on Saturday, September 17, it was necessary to pick up a sick stray kitten, she intervened without hesitation.

“As soon as I finished my day job, I went home to change, then my husband and I rushed to pick her up,” she says. Arriving at the scene, in Oswaldthwistle in the northwest of England, the couple actually found the young cat in the company of his mother.

Emma Church got the cat’s attention with food so she could get her cub back. She looked around for other kittens, but there were none.

Grover was «covered in lice or [ear] mites, and had his eyes closed» because they were so covered in dirt. Even though she was already taking care of 15 cats at home at the time, the volunteer decided to take care of him.

Besides, she’s not the only one with a lot to do; she explains to the Lancashire Telegraph that the shelters in the region are currently overcrowded. Associations need donations and host families more than ever to get through the situation. The kitten was also posted online to help fund Grover’s treatment.

the latter is still in the veterinary clinic because he is lethargic and seems to be breathing heavily. Not to mention the condition of his eyes and the external parasites he is infected with. Emma Church and the vets, however, hope to see him in good health and start a new life.

In addition, she planned to return to where she found him in order to save her mother.

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