On Independence Day, they received an unexpected phone call from a local orphanage with news they no longer dared to hope for.

For a dog named Rome, long deprived of a family, all roads lead home. Thanks to his ID chip, he was able to find his owners almost a year after he disappeared, KSAT reported on July 10.

Rome and her hosts live in San Antonio, Texas. All was going well for the family until he ran away in September 2021. Since then, his owners have not stopped looking for him, but Rome desperately no one could find.
10 months later, when they no longer hoped to see their pet again, a huge surprise awaited them as they prepared for the 4th of July celebration. The whole family (or almost) prepared to see the fireworks for the occasion, but a phone call turned their plans upside down.

The local shelter (San Antonio Animal Services) called them to let them know they had just adopted their dog. The latter was handed over to an identification chip reader, revealing the coordinates of its owners.

Relieved and excited, the owner of Rome, however, had to wait a few more hours. Since July 4th was a public holiday, she could only go and pick him up from the shelter the next day, Tuesday.

The reunion was full of joy and the dog was finally able to return home to recover from his long absence.

San Antonio Animal Care took the opportunity to remind owners to identify their dogs if they haven’t, because, as with Rome, it helps preserve their chances of finding them intact in the event of a loss, escape, or flight.

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