OMG, they were in the dumpster. Fortunately, the foster family dedicated their hearts and souls to their survival.

These kittens were rescued as a last resort. They were in a dumpster filled with used tires to be taken to a landfill. Fortunately, the foster family dedicated their hearts and souls to their survival.
In mid-June 2022, a man found 3 tiny hairballs only a few days old in his trailer. Their mother was not around and they seemed to be in trouble.

Without waiting, the man contacted Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue Service, who entrusted the babies to Sarah Kelly, a volunteer receiver. “They were lucky they were found because the trailer was unloaded the same day,” the young woman explained.

The kittens were very weak. Nevertheless, their Good Samaritan did what was necessary to put them on their feet. «When we first saw them, we thought we couldn’t save him,» Sarah said.

Indeed, one of them, Goody, could not carry his head and could not suck on a bottle of cat baby milk.
Sarah was not discouraged. She fed the babies placed in the incubator every 4 hours day and night. Goody received food through a tube, and oxygen and medicine through a nebulizer.

After 48 hours of intensive care, the unfortunate man finally showed the will to live and stood up like a champion on his 4 legs.

His brothers, Mish and Ellie, began exploring the area.
It was a real victory when Goody was finally able to eat on his own. “We couldn’t believe our eyes when he was first able to hold his head high and drink like an adult. It was a real miracle,” said Sarah.

Misha and Ellie took care of their fragile brother. Gradually, the trinity gained weight and caught up in height.

In addition, the kittens began to roam the house to get to know the other cats in the house.

Today, three assistants are unrecognizable. They have reached the age of weaning and therefore are ready to go on new adventures. So Sarah is looking for a foster home for them.

“They are very spoiled as they deserve and we can’t wait for them to find their families forever,” she concluded.

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