Old Is Gold!

Our four-legged friends, alas, are getting old. And if for a person fifteen or twenty years is a very young age, then for cats and dogs it is already a whole life …

Years go by…

The old age of pets is not always associated with illness and infirmity. Sometimes owners love their cats and dogs so much that even in old age they remain happy, cheerful and active. And some even gray hair to the face … more precisely, to the muzzle. 🙂

And yet he’s handsome!

She’s 15 years old, but she’s still pretty!

Flower wreath in honor of the fourteenth birthday 🙂

It’s hard to believe! He is 30!

The dog is hard of hearing, but he has more than enough energy

13 years have passed…

And you can’t tell that he is already 15! 🙂

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