Observe This Inquisitive Kitten As She Discovers Her First Ray Of Sun! Tap And Watch A Video!

A foster family in California has released an adorable video of one of the kittens in their care discovering the joy of the sun.
Yige works as a volunteer foster mother in San Diego, taking care of orphaned cats in conjunction with the Orphan Kitten Club. Her posts are followed on Instagram, where she has over 46,000 followers.

She recently posted a still of Ryu, a 6 week old kitten, during her first encounter with a sunbeam.

Like all kittens her age, Ryu explores the world around her with boundless curiosity and energy. She was exploring the house under Yige’s benevolent gaze when something that seemed strange to her called to her. A beam of light stretched across the floor, though it hadn’t been there a few moments before.

Initially hesitant, Ryu finally plucked up the courage to approach the mysterious and elusive phenomenon. She stood in the middle and tried to touch him, raising her paw, while feeling this pleasant and diffused warmth on his tiny body. Her first ray of sunshine was both confusing and pleasant for her.

«Help the kittens. They guarantee you a good dose of serotonin.”

“This material will go viral,” one of the first comments under this video predicted. The author was absolutely right. The sequence has been massively shared and commented on as the scene it offers to watch is amazing.

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