Nurse With A Tail! How Darci Therapy Dog Helps Hospital Patients! ))

Dogs feel our pain and are ready to help us. A vivid proof of this is the dog Darci, who visits patients in clinics, helping them cope with illnesses.
Recently, volunteer Nicole Celebane went to the hospital with Darci to visit one of the patients who had very little time left. Unfortunately, he died the same night…

But Nicole still had a little time left, so she decided to visit other patients. So Darci met Tracy Price, who was in dire need of a four-legged friend.

Tracey has just been transferred from the intensive care unit after undergoing brain surgery. The operation went through with several complications, so the woman felt restless. Tracy had no one to support her as her family lives 7 hours away from the clinic.
But everything changed when Darci entered her room!

“It was unexpected! Her appearance is the best surprise in my life. Entering the ward, the dog looked at me intently, after which it calmly climbed onto the bed and lay down next to me.

Then I felt happy! I don’t understand why, but, nevertheless, it’s true,” said Tracy.
Darci has been helping patients for over 4 years.

“She is a very experienced dog. Darci knows exactly what patients need,” says Nicole.

For Tracy, meeting this dog was a very important event. The very next day, her condition improved significantly.

A few days later, Nicole and Darci visited Tracy again. The woman was very happy to visit her furry friend again.

Darci is not the only dog ​​that helps the sick. The organization at Nepean Therapy uses more than 30 therapeutic animals. All of them visit hospital patients every day, giving them joy. 🙂

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