Now Mr. Panther has recovered from his wounds and is waiting to meet his new family! Tap the link and watch a video!

This little one was found with two broken legs and an acute need for affection. Now he’s healed of his wounds and fills his benefactors with happiness as he waits to meet his new family.
Mr. Panther, his nickname, had a very difficult start in life. It was discovered in poor condition by the locals. He was limping and obviously very hungry.

His plea for attention reported that he was cowardly abandoned on the streets of the Bronx in New York (USA) by his former owners.

So the Good Samaritans naturally contacted the local Little Wanderers NYC association to help him. Who moved as fast as possible to bring him to safety.

From the first sight they thought he had a simple leg injury, but it turned out he was hit by a car and his injuries were much more serious.

The veterinarian who consulted Mr. Panther took x-rays of his limbs to see where his unsteady gait came from. Upon examination, it turned out that the unfortunate 2 front legs were broken.
So the cat was treated and had to lie in bed for weeks.

Fortunately, he has now made a full recovery. Mr. Panter testifies to his joy that he is finally in good health and pampered by caring volunteers.

“He loves interactive toys like his fish and his chirping bird. He is very affectionate and really needs constant presence,” a spokesperson said.

For his mental well-being, the volunteers placed Mr. Panther comfortably in the shelter’s reception area.

“He gets along well with his office colleagues. His morning routine consists of her running to greet them at the opening and snuggling into their lap for hours. It’s a hard day at work for Mr. Panther,” one employee joked.

However, felines need to have their own home in order to fully enjoy life. Therefore, Little Wanderers NYC is actively looking for hosts for their little protégé.

I hope he meets a family soon who can take care of him.

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