Not understanding where they hear the meow from in their garage, the couple called 911!

A cat stuck inside a wall was rescued by firefighters after the owners let them down.

The rescue took place on Tuesday, July 26, in South Burlington, Vermont (northeastern United States).

On that day, Pam and Tom Meeker heard meowing from the garage of their 44-year-old home. The husband began to look for the cat that radiated them, but could not find it for sure. He then used a saw to make a hole in the septum, then several more, but the feline remained out of sight and out of reach. However, the animal answered his calls with a meow.

A neighbor suggested calling the local fire department, the South Burlington Fire Department. When the latter arrived at the scene, the first thing they did, after assessing the situation, was to ask Tom Meeker how ready he was to dismantle his garage. “Cut until you get the cat out,” he told them.

Mark Hachi and his colleagues immediately got to work. In the meantime, they received another urgent call and had to answer it before returning and resuming the rescue of the cat.

In the end, they managed to get him back and freed him safe and sound. It was actually a woman named Rosie who belonged to a neighbor.
After taking care of the animals, the cat was given to Kami Ray, her owner. «Thank you all for saving Nosy Rosie,» said Rosie. We call her that because she likes to play pranks, but I think she was chased by a fox in our yard.”

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