Nora has come a long way. The only option to save her was to amputate the flaps of her badly infected ears. Luckily, the association saved her and helped her!

Nora wandered alone through the streets of a town in Wisconsin, USA, before a shelter came to her rescue. The unfortunate woman was taken to the local veterinarian, who discovered that she was suffering terribly from severe chronic ear infections and bruising.

The only option to save (and relieve) her was to amputate the flaps of her badly infected ears. Therefore, the healers performed an operation that, of course, gave him an unusual appearance, but spared his eardrums and ear canals.

Thus, Nora is not deaf and today is in excellent condition.

The association mistakenly believed that his now unflattering physique would deter adoptive parents. But a month after the operation, Nora was taken in by H Dew, a veterinary nurse who fell in love with Nora.

So she joined her warm home where she met the family’s three-legged dog. “Nora is an absolute cutie. She is not afraid and affectionately welcomes any person or pet, ” the woman said.

Therefore, Nora lives her life in the most pleasant way. Her favorite pastime is napping. She can really sleep up to 20 hours a day. While awake, she plays with her canine friend and enjoys delicious meals prepared by her caring owner.

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