No One Will Take Her Anyway!” But There Were Those Who Saw The True Beauty In Maya!

Animals also have failures in genetics, alas …
So Maya is a very unusual cat. The poor thing was born with an extra chromosome, this is the reason for her such appearance …

Once upon a time, a purr was found near a Chinese restaurant and brought to a shelter to euthanize the animal there.
She was immediately placed in a death cell, because Maya was very different in appearance and behavior from other cats.

No one even imagined that there would be people who would want to take the poor fellow home. But they were found! Just a little later…
At first, Maya was noticed by employees of the animal protection organization «The Abode of Strange Cats».

They posted a photo of the purr on their page on the social network Facebook. Well, and then those very caring people found her.
A girl named Lauren was very impressed when she saw the picture, and decided by all means to make Maya live at her house.

She even started an Instagram profile for the cat to convey to other people that everyone deserves to be loved!

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