No one could then determine his breed, since the knots in his hair covered his entire face and body. Guess who’s there?

Rhode Home Rescue was entrusted with a sick dog named Erie in June 2022. Her hair was so tangled that the unfortunate woman could not easily move or look at the world around her.

In addition, Irie was afraid of people and seemed disoriented. Everything indicated that she had suffered not only from the neglect of her former owners, but also from cruel treatment.

So the guardians took a dog clipper and started shaving his hair. After 45 minutes of hard work, they finally discovered her beautiful face.
“The service did an amazing job. Irie was stressed but relieved,» charity volunteer Hillary Gillinder told Cute Planet.

It turned out that Irie is a young Bichon Maltese. Hillary instantly fell under her spell and took her to her home to help her overcome her fears.

“She is completely afraid of male dogs in particular, and very afraid of men. We don’t know exactly what happened to her before she came to our house. All we can do now is help him grow with love and kindness,” Hillary said.

Iri is quiet and reserved. However, she is happy to have the undivided attention of her benefactress, who forces her to listen to classical music to soothe her anxiety.

The now more playful young dog is especially fond of walks and soft blankets in his basket.

She follows Hillary everywhere, although at first she refused any contact. «I’m so proud of how far she’s come since I had her,» said Hillary, who is now looking for a home for Airi.

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