Mustachioed fellow traveler wants on hands! :) A unique train has appeared in Japan! (Video)

The Japanese take care of their four-legged friends!
Recently, a train specifically for stray cats appeared in Japan! 🙂

This happened thanks to the Japanese public organization and the railway company. The organizers decided that such an action would help save the lives of stray pets.
The world’s first cat café train passed between Gifu and Mi prefectures!

Random passengers agreed to take part in the public action and happily played with the cats.
Perhaps in ordinary life they would not have picked up a stray animal, but on this train it was completely different. Nobody refused close communication with cats. 🙂

An unusual idea is a serious step towards solving the problem with stray cats. After all, pets after catching are sent to shelters, where after some time they are euthanized.
«Cat Train» and similar promotions increase the chances of stray animals to find a home!

“I think this is a great initiative, it will allow many people to talk about the problem of stray animals,” says volunteer Mikiko Hayashi, who has already adopted two street cats.
Do you also think this is a great idea? 😉

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