Muni, was in the shelter for some time, after which Sherin decided to take him to her

When Sherin, a pet rescue coordinator, accidentally discovered the dog with little to no hair, she nearly burst into tears. It was clear that this animal was of noble blood, despite the fact that the dog looked bad. The remains of white wool indicated that once this poor fellow was a fluffy handsome man, but someone kicked him out, sick and emaciated …
Who could do this to a dog, because it could be cured? Why did the owner refuse to help the four-legged friend? Sherin could not answer this question. But the kind-hearted woman was 100 percent sure of one thing: unlike the owner of the pet, she was ready to lend a helping hand to a sick animal!

Despite advanced scabies, a bacterial infection, weight loss and a cruel attitude towards himself, the dog did not become embittered. On the contrary, he gladly met a person who wanted to help him, and wagged his tail, although he felt weakness in his whole body.

Muni, as Sherin called him, was in the shelter for some time, after which she decided to take him to her. She thought that at home he would be much better, and her care would help the pet get stronger and recover.
Antibiotics, therapeutic baths, enhanced nutrition … Day after day, Sherin tirelessly cared for Mooney, trying to create the most comfortable conditions for him. And the dog, in turn, showered her with kisses and hugged her, showing his love and expressing gratitude!

Two months later Mooney looked much better. Of course, he still needed treatment, but it was clear that he was on the road to recovery!

Needless to say, today the pet is happy, and the family does not have a soul in it! It’s so good that caring people saved the dog and gave it a chance for a new life!

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